Yesterday we were lucky enough to be able to go out hunting with Buck Wiseman and his Clear Creek Beagles, which are based near Louisville. Yesterday they were in some of the Iroquois Hunt’s country near Athens, Kentucky, which is much closer to our neck of the woods, so I jumped on the opportunity. It rained most of the day, and although it had dried up by the time we went out, it was cloudy and brisk. Invigorating weather!


Scent was patchy it seemed, although we had a few good runs on the rabbits. Beagling is a little like fox hunting, except you’re on foot rather than on a horse. It’s a little more casual, but there’s a huntsman and whippers-in and the field.


The country was gorgeous. An added benefit was finally getting to meet Buck, whose mother taught me to ride horses when I was growing up in Virginia. We’ll definitely try to make it back out with CCB this season.


Settling In


Sunrise on the farm

I have been MIA way too long! Moving and getting settled in have taken a lot of our time, but we have made a lot of progress. We have gone kayaking from our backyard, mastered mowing our five acres, and hosted people yesterday evening for the first time.  We have even made progress with decorating the house. 


The foyer, complete with a foxy friend.

Meanwhile, we have also added or personal touches to the front porch and the deck.


Front porch, with refinished furniture and mums


Lights by the back deck create our personal bistro.

We still have work to do, but we’ve come so far. We have guests coming to visit the next two weekends and I can’t wait to share the house and farm with them.

One last picture – the heart of the house – the kitchen, as we were getting ready to entertain last night.  I love our kitchen!


Living the life

We have officially moved in to our country home! We’ve had some snafus – moving is always the worst – and our house looks like a disaster zone with all we have to unpack, but we are finally in. And, fingers crossed, we close on the house we are selling by the end of this week.


When we were moving in, Mosby was convinced the master bedroom was his!

Here’s to our new life in the countryside!

Porch furniture makeover

My first project at the new house was to refinish the old, tattered porch furniture the sellers left. It is decent wicker furniture, but was looking ragged.



First I repaired it with wood glue and twine. My theory, which proved correct, was that after it was painted you wouldn’t be able to tell which sections were wrapped or tied with twine.

I selected just a basic gloss black spray paint and went to work.


Already looking better.

And here’s the finished product before I ordered new cushions from Home Decorators.


I also painted two concrete planters and put them beside the front door.





And here’s the final product with my pretty new cushions.



And a play by play of the re-do:


High Water

I grew up on the East Coast and spent a lot of time on the water – lakeside and seaside. I sailed around the coast of North Carolina with my grandparents and vacationed on the Outer Banks. Then I moved to Kentucky – a beautiful but landlocked state! Last year C and I bought kayaks so we could enjoy Kentucky’s waterways, and now we have a house on the Elkhorn Creek where we can kayak from the back yard.
We are above the flood plain, but we definitely saw some high water in the last month with the crazy rain we’ve had. Here’s a look at three levels of the creek: highest at the top, normal at the bottom.


We are looking forward to going kayaking after we finally move (probably early August).

Farm Life

Well, we aren’t living at the farm yet, but that hasn’t stopped us from working on it. Today was a big mowing and tree trimming day – the previous owners left us with a lot of limbs to cut! We’ll be having a bonfire just about every weekend pretty soon.

It was also our first time mowing the 3ish acres of lawn. Here’s the hound supervising C on our new awesome Ferris mower:


We met some more of the neighbors – they have all been really nice. And we’ve seen some of the wild neighbors, too, like deer and this turtle on a log in the Elkhorn.


The front porch has turned out to be everything I wanted and more: a cool breeze, shade, beautiful view. Even the hound loves it.


I have some projects in mind, like repainting the nice but worn wicker porch furniture black, along with two concrete planters I intend to put on each side of the front door (with some kind of fairly tall plant – suggestions?). I’m also going to paint the front door black, add a brass kickplate, and a brass horse head door knocker. I’m definitely going for a classic equestrian look.

One more picture: we have officially named the property Mosby’s Run, after our hound. Here’s a good idea of why. Now, is that a happy dog or what?


Country views

Our new home is finally ours! We spent most of the weekend there working on projects (most of living in that house will be projects, I think!), but it is so gratifying to finally be able to make it our own. Yesterday we took a break to have lunch on the front porch, and this was our view from the porch swing.


And here are some more views.

View from one edge of the property:


These are the views from each side of the house – so different from our current crowded subdivision. These views are why we moved here!


We have many, many projects ahead, but it is so exciting to start making this our home. I think we will be grateful every day to have views like these.

I think we’re going to love country living!

Country Living in our Future

We are officially the owners of a beautiful home in the country with 5 acres on the Elkhorn! We gain occupancy on the 5th and couldn’t be more excited.

Of course, with the additional land comes additional work. Yesterday we took some zero turn mowers out for a spin. Here’s C test-driving the Kubota.


Turns like a dream.

We eventually chose a Ferris model that has great suspension. We also bought a Stihl weed trimmer with an optional blade attachment for cutting through brush and thicker weeds. There is a fire pit on the creek that we want to clean up so that we can enjoy it this summer and fall, and the trimmer will help tremendously.

Perhaps most importantly, yesterday we received an offer on our current home. Our fingers are crossed that everything goes though just fine. One day we might want to own two homes – but today is not that day! So hopefully our days of owning a town home and a country home are coming to an end.

Lots of changes in store. But life is for living, and we are ready for the next adventure.

Weekend Adventures


It was a gorgeous day Saturday. We went out to the barn to see the horse and, as usual, the hound had a great time patrolling the property. Here he is watching a bunny.

Our weekend lives have been a little crazy lately, as people have been viewing our house frequently, especially on the weekend. Luckily, we’ve had plenty to do to occupy our time outside of the house. For instance …


… mower shopping! On Thursday we transition from less than one acre to five acres of land, at least three acres of which will need to be mowed. We definitely need the machinery to do the job. So we spent part of Saturday looking at options. These zero turn mowers are serious machines, and very cool.

We are looking to close on our new front porch – I mean house! – on Thursday. Exciting but a little scary!

Savoring the South

A big part of slowing down and enjoying life is taking the time to savor the good stuff.

Maybe it’s just me, but there is something about southern foods and recipes that makes them especially suited for savoring, whether it be Carolina BBQ, country ham biscuits, or something fun and simple, like a MoonPie and an RC Cola.


My mission this weekend was the MoonPie and Royal Crown you see above, and the mission was successful. I even microwaved the MoonPie, which took it to another dimension.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things.

I think this summer I’ll make it my goal to seek out those classic southern foods and take the time to really appreciate them. We might cook some traditional recipes, we might find items in a general store on a country road, we might savor them on our new front porch. Maybe I’ll bake some pies, maybe C will grill up some ribs, maybe we’ll make hush puppies and toss one to the hound.

One thing I know – we’ll definitely have fun.


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